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~HYDE Collection~ Part 2
Today come my Hyde & Larc en ciel Stuff from Japan to me^^
In the next time I make photos.

-Hyde Faith Catalog
-Hydeist Faith 2006 Halloween Hotel Bathrobe
-Hydeist Chain Virgin Tears
-Hydeist Faith Fan Club Concert Ticket
-Hydeist Shallow Sleep T-Shirt
-Hydeist Live Suit 2005 Socks
-Larc en ciel are you ready Wristband
-Hyde 666, larc en ciel awake & are you ready tour BAG´s

And from ebay from Switzerland:
-Hyde 666 Tour Longsleeve

Here the pictures:

Image Hosted by

The TOUR BAGS are BIG (DIN A3); The same size than the Hyde is dead BOX.

Image Hosted by

The Hydeist Vorgin Tears Chain is LITTLE!!!
The Stone in metal is 1cm long.
Hydeist Fan Club concert card is from Faith 2006 from the
Club Citta, price to the concert was 6660yen ö_ö

Image Hosted by

The size is perfect to me! =D
But I think all bathrobe´s have the same size,
and I´m 1,62m little and have in germany the size S/M.

Image Hosted by

THANKS for looking! =D

Best wishes,

(Date 17.10.2009 come my package to me <3)

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Thanks for an idea, you sparked at thought from a angle I hadn’t given thoguht to yet. Now lets see if I can do something with it.

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