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Are you Ready? 2007 -Hyde Cosplay-
Here comes my selfmade works,

Here is my first handmade cosplay from Larc en ciel vocalist Hyde-san,
but it isn´t ready.
More pictures comes later-
I never can stitch,
really it´s my first work, handmade.


Are you ready? またハートに火をつけろ!
-Hyde cosplay-

So, I don´t find the leopard pants, but the others
clothes are ready^^

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Amazing!! 8D I envy your abilities, Adam, especially since this is your first piece!! It's so beautiful!

Oh, and please forgive my things have been a bit frenzied here, lately. ^ ^'' I don't want you to get the wrong idea that I was abandoning you or anything, as I rather enjoy your company quite a bit. =)

My, it seems I should brush up on some German while I'm here at your page. lol

8X Oh my Gosh!! Adam you're so talented!!! How did you do the snake design on the shirt???!! I'm simply AMAZED!! =D I always love seeing your work, it's so beautiful! <3 <3 <3

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